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Windshield rock chips are repairable over 90% of the time, without replacement needed.

There’s no out of pocket expense with full coverage comprehensive insurance and it takes less than 30 minutes to complete the repairs. This saves insurance companies money by avoiding higher windshield replacement costs. If it can’t be repaired, we provide free replacement estimates.

When a windshield has a rock chip and it’s not repaired quickly, it may spread, and the windshield will need to be replaced. This replacement cost the automobile owner hundreds of dollars by meeting their deductible, instead of a lower repair cost paid by the insurance company. Once the rock chip starts to spread into a long crack, replacement becomes the expensive option for the vehicle owner. When repaired, the insurance deductible is waived and there’s no out of pocket cost because insurance companies are set up to fund repair jobs.

So please…Stop it from cracking!

Repair allows the original windshield factory seal to stay in place. This original seal was installed in ideal conditions and can’t be duplicated with replacement glass. The windshield was engineered with the air bags and roof support in mind. Water leaks are another consideration with auto glass replacement. Repairing avoids the installation of the auto glass, therefore avoiding several drawbacks to replacement and it’s potential problems.

Safety First

Windshield rock chip repair is safe, bonding glass stronger than the previous broken area and prevents it from spreading or shattering while driving. Restoring the structural integrity restores confidence the windshield will function as designed to stop the next rock.

Eco Friendly

Because windshield glass is not recycled, repairing helps keep the landfills emptier.

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